giovedì 14 marzo 2013

The best moment of the day: Shitbreak!

This morning i woke up late so i had to hurry up on my way to work. When days start this way, the only thing for sure is that everything will fall down easily.
But there's a moment that really makes you feelin' free while everything around you is getting worse: an awesome and relaxing shitbreak! ...but unfortunately i forgot to take mine this morning!

I think the God of Shit cursed me for this (or maybe it was simply my anus) but i think that's the reason why i got a stupid fuckin'slow car crash with an 83 years old man! No one got hurt, no damage at all at the cars but dudes... don't forget to take a shit! Never! 

Your toilet paper could be hungry like you are!



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  1. handless old man