martedì 26 marzo 2013


Not a supercool idea of getting wasted on Tennent's Super beer with my close friends Pulce, Igor Problems and JJ yesterday night...

I woke up late as usual but this time with a huge hangover on my back. I wanted too bad to have a tasty banana for breakfast but time flies sometimes... The desire of eating that awesome fruit is still struggling inside of me and i can't wait to finally get one!

Aren't you fighting for something?

BTW: Yesterday night we also watched one of the greatest skate movie ever: Bones Brigade "The Search for Animal Chin". That's skateboarding, not your "bling bling" rap manny shit.

Uh uh uh.


Possessed to Sk-hate

Hate is the only word floating in my head when i look outside the window in these days. I've been waiting so much for Spring and now it seems that we got back in a fuckin' winter frost.

I just can't wait for warm sunny days but the only thing i got is a frozen, grey, cold and boring blurred reality!

Winter is an enemy of skateboarding and that's why I hate it. You should do it too because we need to skate and we need it NOW!



venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Night of the leaving dad

Yesterday night i've been thinking about (and obviously listening to) The Misfits sooo much. This band definetely kicks asses. I really can't understand why some people are not that much into them (you should ask yourselves some questions) and my friend Luca Orgia is the only one i can forgive.

I wish it was a scene but unfortunately this ain't no fantasy 'cause i really stumbled in somnambulance and woke up with no feeling in my arms today. So: what should i expect from this day? Nothing but philty bad smelling shit! Who cares? No one, it's Friday!


P.S: Your dad is seriously leaving? I' feel sorry for you. Perhaps you should have a beer with him while listening to The Misfits. I don't know what to do to keep him from going and sometimes family relations goes in the wrong direction... fuck, am i really writing about your dad?!?

mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

Ready to rumble?

Sometimes it happens that you wake up (later than usually) and your day start in the worst way ever. Well, today was one of these days. So bad that you can't wait for it to finish... the one that when there's something going wrong you can only expect somethin' even worse. Today it was my turn and i had to fight with shit really hard. I think i won 'cause right now i'm going to sleep.

Ready? Rumble! Shit!


martedì 19 marzo 2013

Life's unfair...

It's a springtime sunny afternoon (here in Shitaly it's like 16°) and i'm stuck at my workplace. I'd like to get gnarly with my buddies on skateboards, smashing some cocujanji grabs, guzzle some cheap beers or drawing skulls outdoor. This chair today is hotter than hell, i can't let my ass sitting on it. The only thing that makes me happy is that in 3 hours i got band practice!

Life sucks (sometimes)!


lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Party Routine? Mh, yeah!

Dudes, it's fuckin'Monday and i'm pretty sure that most of you got a funny weekend. Down here in my foggy grey hometown we kill the boredom by partyin' hard without any particular reason. Just shred one, two, three, four, five, BLEEEEEAH! ...beers... too late: you puked! And that's right!


giovedì 14 marzo 2013

The best moment of the day: Shitbreak!

This morning i woke up late so i had to hurry up on my way to work. When days start this way, the only thing for sure is that everything will fall down easily.
But there's a moment that really makes you feelin' free while everything around you is getting worse: an awesome and relaxing shitbreak! ...but unfortunately i forgot to take mine this morning!

I think the God of Shit cursed me for this (or maybe it was simply my anus) but i think that's the reason why i got a stupid fuckin'slow car crash with an 83 years old man! No one got hurt, no damage at all at the cars but dudes... don't forget to take a shit! Never! 

Your toilet paper could be hungry like you are!



mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

After many years... i did it!

I don't know why it took soooo much time to run this useless blog (maybe because i'm a lazy italian retard guy) but finally here we are.
My only purpose is to have a place where to collect all the silly stuff i draw but if you're seriously thinking this crappy "art" kicks ass you'd better ask for something.

I like to draw thrash crippled people, skateboards, beers, retarded guys and skulls.
Mainly skulls but also... S K U L L S!

1. If you'll ever wonder why i draw mainly stuff for the skatethrash band YOU SUCK! the answer is: i play the bass in this band.

2. Yes, i also run Handjob Screeenprinting with my emotionless bandmate Luca "orgia" Hovnzi.

I promise i'll check my brand new shiny and empty mail address:

I think i need a beer right now... Cheers