venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

Broken Teeth x ARTO

I'll take part in the upcoming brand new issue of ARTO, an A6 format fanzine of images, photos and texts. A lot of good illustrators and photographers contributed to the previous issues so i'm really stoked to be a part of it! You can read it and get in touch with 'em at the following links:

Sadly i decided to put up for sale the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS (no digital prints neither screenprints) 'cause i need your fuckin' money. Cheap punk prices for original handmade illustrations. Help a starving guy to buy a new skateboard deck!

WASTE OF LIFE - Ink on paper, A4 size, 2014 (framed) 35€
VAFFANCULO - Ink on paper, A4 size, 2014 (framed) 35€
LIFE IS SHIT - Ink on paper, A4 size, 2014 (framed) 35€
DEAD SAILOR - Ink on paper, 13x18 cm, 2014 - (framed) 25€


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