lunedì 10 giugno 2013

Skate for Satan

It's been a while since i last upload new stuff on this page for different reasons. First of all 'cause i'm a little bit lazy (and everybody knows it's true) but mainly because of too many things that has kept me busy in these last months.
My band You Suck! put went on tour and put out a brand new Flexi 7" Ep so i had to draw and create the record artwork and a tour poster. You'll find everything in one of the next news.

By the way: here's a t-shirt design i made last year. Nothing but a gnarly Satan shredding hard 'cause i'm sick of too many "Jesus wannabe" on skateboards. Keep skateboarding sinister, keep skateboarding a crime.

Printed by Handjob Prints (aka me and my buddy Luca), drop some lines if you want one!


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